Cashback Mobile Apps and Browser Extensions Development

APPS4CASHBACK provides a one-stop solution package for Cashback websites, from app development to cross browser extensions. With more than 15 years of experience and a long list of leading industry clients.

Mobile App Development

Meet the needs of all your mobile shoppers which is more than 50% shopping traffic nowadays.


Navigation Panel

Navigation panel screen display main application sections and provide rapid navigation between them.

Hot Deals

This screen will display a list of promoted offers. User will see banners with stores that provide coupons for the current moment. By tapping on that banner then will open the screen with detailed information about the store and store deals or start to perform shopping in web browser.

Favorite Stores

A list of stores that has been marked as favorite. By tapping on that banner then will open the screen with detailed information about the store and store deals or start to perform shopping in web browser with default cashback offer.

My Account

On this screen user will be able to check his account details.

All Stores Cashback

An alphabetical list of all stores. The list may be filtered by keywords in the search field on the top of the screen. By tapping on the stores list item then will open the screen with detailed information about the store and cashback.

Store Deals

Store details screen displays summary information about proposed coupons. By tapping on that banner then will start to perform shopping in web browser with chosen deal from the list.

Push Notification

A Google Cloud Messaging client that receives broadcast messages form 3-rd party customer server. Notification displays in the notification area even when application is closed. Messages can contain short information about new Hot Deals available.

Tech Info:

  • We build mobile apps for all major platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • We provide you with source code – you control your business.

Browser Extensions Development

Extension shoppers are 5 times more valuable than website users.


Notification Slider

A live cashback notification reminds your users that they will get cashback at the exact time they visit the merchant website.
The live cashback notification makes it quick and easy for the user to enable the cashback affiliate link with the click of a button on the slider, helping to increase the conversion rate.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Injection

Search results page injection means your icon will be displayed next to relevant listings on major search engines such as Google. This immediately alerts the user that they can get cashback from you for purchasing via those sites. Studies show that icons next to search results help users to make a decision regarding merchant choice much quicker. The injection can also display messages, telling the user how much cashback they can get from the merchant. SERP injection is shown to increase commissions by encouraging the user to make a purchase from your affiliates.

Extensions Menu

You can display information from your user’s profile in a menu pop-up area of the browser add-on. This information could show the amount of cashback earned so far. Or, you could use this area to display a list of special deals or hot offers available right now. You also can use this area to display dynamic notifications to your user.

Single Sign On

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that allows user to get access to the website as well as extension at the same time. It is very helpful since the process authenticates the user for all the applications he has been given rights to and eliminates further prompts when the user switches applications during a particular session.

Tech Info:

  • Extensions are supported by all major browsers: Chrome, IE, FF and Safari.
  • We provide you with source code – you control your business.

Big Client Testimonial

I wanted to that you for all of your help in getting our Shop2Care browser plug in completed. We launched it a few weeks ago and everything with the plug in seems to be working good. Thanks again!

Mark Asofsky
CEO at Shop2Care

Thanks Alex and the rest of the Apps4Cashback team We can count on your support! Thanks for your continuous support and a great product!

Lebin Cheng
Vice President, App Engineering at Netskope

I liked so much your job… Thank you very much… we will have much time together because I have much projects here in Brazil… It was a pleasure working with you both on this project. We are very happy with the final product we have. Thank you

JHenrique Arruda
Diretor de TI at Buscape

Thanks for a great job and a great add-on. I guess we will tweak it and find stuff to be fixed but that is like always.

Jan-Eric Nyman
Advisory Board Member at SiteTalk

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