Summary: New feedback from an Apps4cashback client has shed fascinating new light on the value of extension shoppers compared with traditional website visitors.

According to research by the browser extensions and add-ons specialists, Apps4cashback, users who download and use a shopping browser extension are quickly surpassing website visitors when it comes to generating revenue for the retailer.

Feedback from an Apps4cashback client, which has been corroborated by the developers found that an average of 40% of the user base will elect to download and install a cashback browser add on. Further study and a comprehensive data analysis revealed that the Apps4cashback clients get more value from their extension shoppers than they do from those who visit their ecommerce site directly.

Statistics show that in fact, extensions shoppers are five times more valuable that direct website users. This potentially untapped revenue stream is particularly important to e-tailers as the holiday shopping season gets underway, as the data indicates that new businesses commissioning a shopping browser extension or cashback can potentially increase their general revenue approximately three to five times, in a relatively short period of time.

Apps4cashback specializes in browser extensions and add on development for the cashback and coupons industry. It has spent more than 15 years refining its approach with its comprehensive understanding of user behavior and shopping habits allowing it to maximize extension potential for its 500 clients.

Valery Kuznetsov — COO said, “This client feedback is a very welcome reminder of just how effective our browser extension and cashback solutions are, and serves to highlight the very real benefits such tools can have for retailers.

“In this case, a single extension was responsible for generating a hugely engaged user base for our client, one which added considerable value to the business and meant that cashback extension shoppers actually overcame direct website visitors in terms of value. This is hugely significant and a trend that we expect to grow. With this in mind and given the three to five times gains available to clients, now is the perfect time for the cashback and coupons industry to consider a browser extension.”

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Apps4Cashback are experts in mobile apps and browser extensions development, with a particular focus on the cashback and coupons industry. The team has more than 15 years’ experience and delivers a seamless, proven experience with tangible ARPU increases, easily managed cross-platform solutions and future proofing via a knowledgeable development and support team.



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